Chip formation

Our production is based on chip formation: using lathes and milling cutters. We machine all materials: iron, aluminium, plastic and coloured metals.

Our production unit manufactures e.g. parts for machines, devices and motors. The parts can be used in applications from ocean vessels to the process industry, or in small machines and devices. We also produce pieces that can be end products as they are. The sizes of the parts we manufacture can vary from less than a centimetre up to 150 centimetres.

Due to our diverse and modern machine stock, we are able to choose the best possible production method for our customer, e.g. in terms of dimensional accuracy, production costs and speed.

We specialise in the production of dimensionally accurate parts. In our opinion, achieving a good end result is the combination of three factors: a modern machine stock, programming and competent operators of the machining equipment and tools.

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Antti Iivari
Sales and Development Director
Tel. +358 50 357 8075


Reima Pukkinen
Production Director
Tel. +358 50 465 8844