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Our business is built to serve companies that invest in long-term profitability and business value development. Nortech operates as a manufacturing partner for companies that produce and market products that have value for decades to come.

Nortech offers its customers delivery reliability, which enables anticipation and optimization of work stages, as well as staying on schedule. Products and components are always compliant, thus avoiding costly errors caused by tolerance excesses in the customer’s production chain. This is how we help our customers fulfill their quality and service promises now and in the future.



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Partner who advocates for the customer’s benefit

Our service is not only about the production of machined parts. It is a partnership with our client companies that means we go the extra mile when needed. It is about looking at the big picture so that we save unnecessary work and expenses.

Systematic Planning as a Builder of the Future

Nortech’s promise, Let’s Make the Future Together, means planned investments in both production and personnel resources. The cornerstone of our production is a parallel machinery park, which ensures deliveries in all situations. In addition, we have decentralized our production into two separate production facilities. In order to ensure compliant products, we have invested in measuring instruments and external calibration in addition to our machinery park.

Professionals as Machine Users

One of the key factors is every machinist’s expertise and pride, which significantly affects quality. We want to uphold this standard by working towards improving the skills and well-being of our staff. Machining always involves teamwork between humans and machines, where expertise, experience, and responsible attitudes are of great importance.

Join us as a partner when you want to invest in long-term profitability. Through cooperation, we create sustainable, cost-effective and value-creating solutions with a long lifespan.

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Antti Iivari
Director of Sales and Development
tel. +358 50 357 8075

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