In industrial situations, the price of pieces is always of significant importance. However, an even greater importance is in the fact that the delivered pieces meet requirements and they are delivered at the agreed time. If the tolerances of the piece are exceeded and the part is installed in a machine or device, this will sooner or later result in a chain of costs, which may rise to eye-watering amounts compared to the small savings made in the purchase price.


“A parallel machine stock and professional machine operators ensure delivery reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness for the customer.”


We have developed our business operations and production in such a way that it serves companies, which invest in long-term profitability and the company’s brand. The company’s value is tested in the real world, where the functionality of a product and service either meets or doesn’t meet its promises. Nortech’s aim is to operate as a partner for companies that produce and market products, which maintain value for decades after decades.


Orderliness as a developer of the future


Nortech’s promise, Let’s Make the Future Together, refers to orderly investments in both production resources and human resources. The cornerstone of our production is formed by a parallel machine stock, which allows us to ensure deliveries in all situations. In addition, we have distributed our production into two separate production facilities. In order for us to ensure compliant products, our machine stock is complemented by our investments in measuring machines and our outsourced calibration work.


Professionals as machine operators


One key factor is the professionalism and professional pride of each operator, which significantly affects the quality. We want to hold on to this by supporting our personnel’s skills and well-being. Machining is always a matter of cooperation between a machine and a human, where professionalism, experience and a responsible attitude play an important role. Production professionals regularly receive positive feedback from our customers for their ability to communicate and for their vision to select the most profitable production methods.


A partner that focuses on the customer’s interests


Our services do not solely consist of the production of machined parts. It is a partnership with our customer company, which occasionally requires flexibility. It is also about reviewing the overall entity in order to avoid unnecessary work and costs. Become our partner, if you wish to invest in
long-term profitability.


Let´s Make the Future Together

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  • Founded in 1996
  • Turnover about 7 M€
  • Employees 41
  • Production and storage facilities 6 000 m2
  • Customers include global machine and device manufacturers