JV Nortehc Metal – Reliable partnership for long-term profitability

Our business is built to serve companies that invest in long-term profitability and company value development. JV Nortech Metal Oy acts as a production partner to companies that manufacture and market products that have value from decade to decade.

JV Nortech Metal provides its customers with security of supply, enabling them to anticipate and optimize their work phases, as well as to stay on schedule. Products and parts are compliant, which avoids costly errors due to tolerance overruns in the customer’s supply chain. This is how we help our customers fulfil their quality and service promises now and in the future.



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High quality machining service and customer-focused partnership

JV Nortech Metal Oy offers much more than just excellent machined parts manufacturing. We are committed to building a long-term partnership with our client companies, which means flexibility and commitment in critical situations. Our goal is to optimize our production process to maximize efficiency, reducing unnecessary work and extra costs. Our collaboration allows our customers to focus on their core operations, confident that their machining needs will be met to the highest quality standards.

Sustainable Growth and Reliable Security of Supply

JV Nortech Metali Oy’s promise, Let ́s Make the Future Together, means that we invest in our production and human resources to build the future. Our innovative production is based on a comprehensive and diverse machinery, which ensures continuous security of supply to our customers in all operational situations. Our two units’ production facility enables flexibility and risk diversification, thus ensuring the high quality and reliability of our products.

Not only the machining, but also the quality control is top-notch from us. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology in our measuring instruments and ensure their accurate operation through regular calibration by a certified third party. This process ensures that each of our parts meets the highest quality standards and our customers’ supply chain remains unbroken.

Machining quality starts with professionals

JV Nortech Metal Oy firmly believes that the machinist’s expertise and pride of work are the cornerstones of high-quality machining. We are dedicated to the continuous training of our staff and the promotion of well-being at work, as we know that the art of machining is created by the seamless cooperation of man and machine. Our experienced machinists bring not only in-depth expertise but also a responsible attitude to the table, which is reflected in every part we produce.

Building long-term and profitable solutions for the future together

We want to be your partner when you are looking for long-term profitability and want to invest in sustainable and economical solutions that will deliver value for decades to come. Together, we can create solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations at every stage of their life cycle.

We are happy to provide more information – contact us!

Antti Iivari
Sales and Development Director
tel. +358 50 357 8075

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