Our production is based on chip formation: using lathes and milling cutters. We machine all materials: iron, aluminium, plastic and coloured metals.

At our subcontracting workshops, we produce e.g. parts for machines, devices and motors, which can be used in applications from ocean vessels to the process industry, or in small machines and devices. We also produce pieces that can be end products as they are. The sizes of the parts can vary from less than a centimetre up to 150 centimetres.


We make parts and pieces from all of the most common materials by turning. We have several lathes in use.


We make parts and pieces from all of the most common materials by milling. The pieces to be milled can be very small or very large.

Complementary services

Washing, surface treatment and painting

Materials and storage

We can stock materials, semi-finished products and finished products on behalf of the customer.

Nortech Metal Oy

Nortech Metal, a machining company located near to Vaasa in Western Finland. Our services include milling and turning of parts and components in cast iron, stainless, aluminium and plastic. Our speciality is cast iron which our team is experienced and skilled at handling.

We do not want to be just another supplier. We want to be your long-term partner, so we keep a large volume of raw material in stock. This allows us to process orders when they are received and deliver on time, every time. Also, our team is flexible enough to put-in more work to hit short deadlines, without affecting the quality of our production.

We offer very precise production. We can machine products from 1cm3 to 1m3, working to tolerances of a few microns. We have two production halls and two of each of our key machines so, in the unfortunate situation that one machine is down, we can continue to offer the same level of service. All our employees are committed to implementing our high-quality policy, in line with our ISO certifications, so nothing is dispatched unless it is perfect.

Let’s Make The Future Together

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