Materials and storage

The longer the cooperation is with our customers, the larger the scope of our cooperation becomes. In addition to machining, more and more of our customers are looking for partners that can offer a more comprehensive service.

The sale of raw materials is not part of our core business operations, but its availability and stock situation are key issues in competitivity and delivery reliability. Therefore, we monitor the long-term consumption of materials and maintain our stock on this basis. We can acquire raw materials from anywhere in the world, if this is required by the customer. In production, we can use our own materials or materials acquired by the customer. We can also store them, or blanks that have been supplied by the customer for machining.

Our facilities include 1.000 pallet sites and a rod storage. All our warehouse space, including our raw material storage, is heated. We can store materials, semi-ready and ready-to-use products on behalf
of the customer. Storage is agreed on a case-by-case basis and a more specific agreement is concluded with the customer, which may involve a more comprehensive entity from production to surface treatment, assembly and storage.

The following pictures present two ways to manage supply chain.

The total time of the supply chain, depending on the location of the foundry, is 8-19 weeks and the customer company has full responsibility for the functionality of the chain.  Additionally, the customer has committed significant capital to the warehouse.

Our way is different.

The total time of the supply chain, depending on the location of the foundry, is 7-17 weeks, with the customer company having shared responsibility together with Nortech for the functionality of the chain. Additionally, the customer does not commit capital to the storage.



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