We mill parts and components using the most common materials. The pieces to be milled can be extremely small or very large. The maximum dimensions of such pieces can be up to 1,350 mm wide and 1,450 mm high.

In addition to stand-alone machines, we also have FPC systems in use. These flexible production systems enable unmanned production 24/7. They reduce TAT times and also affect the production costs. Our milling capacity consists of various machines that are of different sizes and types. New, modern machines have a great influence on the end result: the pieces are dimensionally accurate.

We use both a traditional three-axle machining centre and a five-axle machining centre. These can also be used to carry out 3D milling. The milling cutter can be used to machine a piece from several directions with only one attachment point, not just from a 90-degree angle like in the case of basic milling cutters. In addition to the tool, the table of the milling cutter also moves. These machining methods reduce the configuration and work times. The diverse machine stock enables us to always choose the best production method, which can also positively affect the price and end result.

An increasing number of our customers are in seek of an all-inclusive service. Therefore, we have continuously developed the concept in which we offer our customers a comprehensive service: post-treatment, assembly or storage. We are happy to acquire and store the materials on behalf of the customer.

Materials to be milled:

  • cast iron
  • steels
  • special steels
  • precious metals
  • coloured metals or
  • brass
  • plastic
  • aluminium

Pieces and blanks to be machined:

  • various cuts
  • round bar
  • flat bar
  • square bar
  • hexagon bar
  • material pipes
  • casts
  • forgings



Antti Iivari
Sales and Development Director
Tel. +358 50 357 8075


Reima Pukkinen
Production Director
Tel. +358 50 465 8844