Our certified quality system

In order for us to guarantee our customers with parts that have been made in accordance with images and in a dimensionally accurate manner, we have invested in a modern machine stock and we ensure that they are used by experienced professionals. We have a 3D coordinate-measuring machine in use, which allows us to ensure the accuracy of a completed piece at an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre. When producing dimensionally accurate parts, dimensions and the measuring machines must be correctly and regularly calibrated. These aspects are extremely important to us; therefore, we have outsourced the calibration work to certified professionals.


Our company has an ISO 9001 quality management system in place as well as ISO 14001 environmental management certification (open the document). The Quality Control Manager’s duty is to use these standards and prepare operating models that improve everyday work. In the end, good quality in operations and end products results in a smooth work flow for everyone.


One part of the quality management system is an environmental management system. We recycle all metal chips and emulsions used in machining. We also recycle all other waste in accordance with legislation and regulations.


The quality management system is more than a piece of paper to us – it is a driver, which can make all operations more efficient.


Quality refers to concrete actions:

    • Modern machines that are the best on the market
    • Staff, which has the skills and ability to take responsibility for the customer’s requirements
    • Two identical machines for almost all centres, two separate production facilities
    • Vision and skills to choose the appropriate production method
    • Willingness to consider beyond personal work
    • Correctly calibrated dimensions and measuring machines and their external supervision
    • Certified quality and environmental management systems
    • Quality Control Manager


Kristian Viertola
Quality Manager
Tel. +358 50 465 8884