Certified Management Systems – Quality and Environmental Responsibility

We do everything in accordance with applicable laws and official regulations. We ensure the safety and well-being of our personnel by complying with relevant laws and regulations. In our daily operations, we pay special attention to environmental responsibility.

ISO 9001 quality system

Our latest Quality Management System certificate

We have an ISO 9001 certified quality system at our disposal, which is the core of our operations. For us, a quality system is more than a piece of paper it is a controller that can improve everyone’s operations. It guides us in measuring, developing and leading quality, as well as improving our competitiveness and efficiency, together. The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that the standards are operating models that improve everyday work. Good quality in operations and end products means smoother work for everyone.

We have invested in the quality of our components and parts with modern machinery and make sure that they are used by experienced professionals. When making dimensional parts, it is important that the dimensions and measuring devices are correctly and regularly calibrated. We want to make sure that these things that are very important to us are in order and that is why we have outsourced the calibration work to a certified professional.

ISO 14001 environmental certificate

Our latest Environmental Management System certificate

JV Nortech Metal company who has got an ISO 14001 environmental certified. Our environmental management system guides us in the ecological optimization of operations and the recycling of resources, ensuring that our waste is properly treated. We recycle all metallic shavings and emulsions generated in machining, as well as other waste, always according to laws and regulations.

Quality is concrete actions:

  • Modern and best machines on the market
  • Staff with competence and ability to take responsibility for customer requirements
  • At least two each key machine
  • Expertise to choose the right production method
  • Desire to look beyond one’s own work
  • Systemically calibrated measuring instruments and them external control
  • Certified quality and environmental management systems
  • Quality Manager

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Kristian Viertola
Quality Manager
tel. +358 50 465 8884

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