Certified Quality Management System

Our company has an ISO 9001 quality management system and an ISO 14001 environmental certificate (open document). The quality system is more than just paperwork – it is a driver that can improve everyone’s operations. It guides us in measuring, developing, and managing quality, as well as improving our competitiveness and efficiency together. The quality manager ensures that standards are developed into operating models that improve everyday work.

Good quality in operations and end products means smoother work for everyone. We have invested in modern machinery and ensure that experienced professionals use them for product and component quality. When manufacturing components to precise dimensions, it is important that the measurements and measuring instruments are correct and regularly calibrated. We want to ensure that these important aspects are in order, and therefore we have outsourced the calibration work to certified professionals.

One part of the quality system is the environmental system. We recycle all metal shavings and coolants used in machining. We also recycle other waste according to at least the laws and regulations.

Quality is about concrete actions:
– Modern and best machines on the market
– Staff who have the expertise and ability to take responsibility for customer requirements
– Two identical machines in almost all centers, two separate production facilities
– Vision and expertise in choosing the right production method
– Willingness to look beyond one’s own work
– Properly calibrated measurements and measuring devices with external monitoring
– Certified quality and environmental systems
– Quality Manager

We are happy to provide more information – contact us!

Kristian Viertola
Quality manager
tel. +358 50 465 8884

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