Aiming to reduce environmental load

We understand our environmental responsibility and continuously take various measures to advance the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Our responsible choices are not limited to random individual actions, but are part of our day-to-day operations.

Sustainable practices in our production

Our active environmental activities include metal shavings generated in production and cutting fluids used in machining.

Energy Efficiency Agreement Working together for a more sustainable future

We are Motiva’s official energy efficiency partner, which strengthens our commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment covers a broad range of activities to optimize energy use and reduce environmental impact as part of our broader drive for sustainable business.

ISO 14001 Environmental certification and its significance

Our pride is the international ISO 14001 environmental certification, which demonstrates our long-term commitment to improving environmental impact and energy use.

Some of our responsible actions for the environment:

  • Own 40kW solar panel system
  • Site sorting and recycling of all waste
  • Cutting fluid recycling system
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Recycling of metallic chip
  • District heating
  • Machine tools have machine-specific oil mist separators

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Kristian Viertola
Quality Manager
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