Aiming to reduce environmental impact

We understand our environmental responsibility and continually take various measures to reduce our environmental footprint and carbon emissions. Environmental responsibility is not just a one-time action for us, but it is a part of our daily activities and responsible decisions. For example, we recycle the metal chips generated during production and the emulsions used in machining.

Our company has an international ISO 14001 environmental certification. It means that we are committed to improving our environmental impact and energy efficiency in a sustainable manner.

  • Own 40kW solar panel system on the roof of the factory
  • Sorting and recycling of all waste at its place of origin
  • Cutting fluid recycling system
  • Replacing lighting with energy-efficient LED lights
  • Recycling of metal waste
  • The form of heating is district heating
  • Machine tools have machine-specific oil mist separators

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Kristian Viertola
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