Social Responsibility

Social responsibility Customers, personnel, partners

We invest in equality and non-discrimination, good leadership, and the safety and well-being of our employees. We continuously develop the competence of our personnel and build sustainable partnerships. This approach not only strengthens the quality of our services, but also supports the needs of our diverse customer base and contributes to the responsible development of the entire industry.

Equality and fairness

Promoting equality and non-discrimination are central to our business. This is reflected in a consistent commitment to good management, well-being at work and safety. We expect respect for human rights from both our employees and partners. Social responsibility is practical measures that support everyone’s right to a fair and safe working environment.

Development of personnel and maintenance of working capacity

The competence development of our personnel is our key priority, as we believe that skilled personnel is at the core of our company’s success. Their expertise is the foundation of our quality services, and that is why we invest in their professional skills and work ability. With the help of our cooperation network, we lay a strong foundation that supports the growth and well-being of our personnel.

Social responsibility in practice:

  • Invest in a safe and pleasant work environment
  • We act in accordance with our principles
  • We encourage the development of the competence and professional skills of employees and the work community
  • We support the maintenance of work ability with, among other things sports, culture and massage vouchers.
  • Our goal is an accident-free workplace. We encourage our personnel to observe maintenance needs, occupational safety risks and report on them.

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