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Comprehensive service enhances production

Our comprehensive service offers an efficient production chain in addition to machining: procurement of raw materials, pre- and surface treatments, assembly and storage. The overall service is always tailored to meet the needs and interests of the customer. When the goal is to find a comprehensive and sustainable partner who brings ease and reliability to the process and meets the business needs of its customers, Nortech is the right choice.

Our product is washed in our own production line. Removing grease and treating the product with care is especially important for products that will be painted. The washing machine can accommodate a product with max dimensions of P 1200 x L 1100 x H 1200 mm and a weight of up to 700kg. After machining, the products can be surface treated, such as painted, heat-treated, galvanized, or specially treated. Our partner, who is specialized in surface treatment in the nearby area, will carry out the treatment. Alternatively, we can use a surface treatment company chosen by our customers. Our cooperation reduces coordination time for our customers when the product arrives ready for them. Surface treatment options include powder coating, wet painting, heat treatment, anodizing, galvanizing, passivation, chemical blackening, chroming, electrochemical polishing, masking, and grinding.

Assembly of parts and components is an additional service. We take care of assemblies that are done manually and that should not be automated. Such assemblies include fastening of bearings, seals, bolts or fastening of pieces to each other. We also add any necessary stickers or labels to the parts. We also take care of the procurement of necessary fasteners or seals for the customer.

The assembled parts are packed and loaded onto a pallet in the way the customer wishes. This makes it easier for the parts to be assembled in the next stage.

Selling raw materials is not our core business, but its availability and stock situation are essential for competitiveness and supply reliability. Therefore, we monitor the demand for materials on a long-term basis and maintain our inventory accordingly. We can source raw materials from anywhere in the world if the customer needs it. We can use our own materials or customer-acquired materials for production. We can also store these or future blanks for the customer’s processing.

Our facility has over 2,000 pallet spaces and rack storage. All of our storage spaces, including raw material storage, are heated. We can store materials, semi-finished, and finished products on behalf of the customer. Storage is agreed on a case-by-case basis, and a broader agreement is reached with the customer, which may include a wider range from production to surface treatment, assembly, and storage.

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