Machining with modern and efficient machinery

JV Nortech Metal Oy is a pioneer in the field of machining. We offer excellence in cutting machining of components of different sizes. Whether turning or milling, our professionals machine various parts and components from the most common materials. We specialize in providing a first-class machining service that combines modern machining with craft precision.

We are committed that each of our customers can be confident that they will receive the parts and components according to the drawings and requirements according to the confirmed delivery date. Quality, dimensional accuracy and delivery reliability are things of honor for us that are not achieved by chance. We have purposefully invested and developed our operations to guarantee these to our customers.


Turning is one of our core services. We turn a wide range of parts and components of all sizes from the most common materials, mainly metals.

We use our diverse machineries, which includes both vertical and horizontal lathes, to produce high-quality parts. In our robotic cell, the robot serves two Lynx 300M horizontal lathes, which is ideal for making repeated sets tirelessly 24/7.

On the most robust lathes, the rotation diameter is 1335 mm and the maximum height of the piece is 1000 mm. The maximum weight of the piece can be up to 4000 kg.


Milling is our another core service. We mill a wide range of parts and components of all sizes from the most common materials, mainly metals.

We use both three-axle, four-axle and five-axle machining centres. Five-axis machining centres can also be used for 3D milling, allowing the piece to be worked from many different directions with a single attachment, including diagonally.

In addition to Stand alone machines, we have FPC systems in use. These flexible manufacturing systems enable unmanned manufacturing 24/7. Our milling capacity consists of versatile machines of different sizes and types. New, modern machines have a big impact on the end result: the pieces are dimensionally accurate.

The largest milling pieces can be 1400 mm x 1050 mm x 1200 mm (max. 2000 kg) or 1626 mm x 813 mm x 762 mm (max. 1814 kg).

Materials to be processed:
• cast iron
• steel
• aluminium

In addition, we can machine special steels, precious metals, non-ferrous metals, brass and plastic.

Workpieces and blanks
• Cutted blanks
• Round bar
• Flat bar
• Square bar
• Hexagonal bar
• Hollow bar
• Castings
• Forging piece

The modern and versatile machinery base allows us to choose the most appropriate manufacturing method at all times, which can also affect the price. Our service is not just the production of machined parts. It is a partnership with our client company.

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Production Director
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Sales and Development Director
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