Values guiding our operations


In order to be a reliable operator, we must be open and honest with ourselves, our customers, and other partners. We are easily accessible and easy to work with. We are curious and thirsty for knowledge. We are willing to share our learning and insights with each other, our customers, and the partners we represent.


We are forward-looking, innovative, and creative. We use our already strong market experience and skills to develop markets and needs. We always want to be competitive and a strong alternative. We believe that the continuous development of our operations will ultimately make us a pioneer in our field.


We are active but realistic problem solvers. Our passion for helping inspires people to ask us even more boldly for new things. We have an enterprising team spirit that is not afraid of challenges. Our caring and commitment to work is reflected in our professionalism both in attitude and in our company’s operating practices.

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Antti Iivari
Director of Sales and Development
tel. +358 50 357 8075

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