Versatile Machining Services

Our production is based on machining, using both turning and milling techniques. We work with various materials, such as iron, aluminum, plastic and colored metals. We manufacture parts for machines, devices and motors, both for use in industry and as finished products. Our parts can be used in large ocean liners, process industry, small machines and equipment. The size of the parts can vary from less than a centimeter to one and a half meters.

Our versatile and modern machine park enables us to always choose the best possible production method in terms of accuracy, production costs, and speed.

We specialize in the manufacture of precise parts. The best quality is achieved by combining skilled programming, the efficiency of our versatile machinery and the precision of our professional machinists during the machining process.

A Comprehensive, Service-Oriented Partner

We respond to our customers’ needs comprehensively. If necessary, we can procure and store materials for you. We also handle further processing, assembly and storage of finished parts. For surface treatment, we use our extensive outsourcing network.

Our comprehensive service is tailored to your company’s needs. One production partner brings efficiency, stability and quality that is a sustainable, cost-effective solution for your business.

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Reima Pukkinen
Production Manager
tel. +358 50 465 8844

Antti Iivari
Sales and Development Manager
tel. +358 50 357 8075

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